Friday, October 09, 2015

Nigeria time (GMT +1)

Finally changed the time zones for publishing my blogs :) Three of five used to be stamped with Pacific/California time, one with local Lagos time, while this blog used to publish from Cairo.  Took me how many years to switch?

You should check them all out:  NewsBuka for Nigeria community and governance news and commentary.  UpNaira for business and financial, money and development.  REALbubbler for entertainment, arts, culture, and lifestyle.  XBubbler for mathematics, analysis, and education.  And this (LifeLib) for whatever I want, since 2004.
  • You should check them all out now and return regularly.  
  • I'm speeding up the metabolism on NewsBuka, trying to make it a debate-friendly space, that is, to build a community of hangers-out not just passers-through.  
  • Something's wrong with the format on UpNaira, the links are coloured too light and I can't find the right balance - to bold or not to bold, to contrast with the black font or contrast with the white background, to increase font size by how much - for readability.  
  • REALbubbler is as cheesy as you like, design-wise, but at least it's very bold and unique.  In my view, it's not just a lazy entertainment feed, it actually trains you to be creative.  Here's a guarantee - if you gorge on REALbubbler even half as much as I do for a few months, you will become a more competent creative mo-fo, or your no-money back.  
  • I'm addicted to REALbubbler: I smoke my own dope.  In fact, I assembled it for myself first.  2011.  Broke at work, had to do something before I killed someone.  It was an inspiring job, a great time all around.  That's how one of the key stories of my novel started too - I was angry and wrote a tale of a love triangle in which the annoying person was spurned for their 'subordinate',  with me of course cast as The Center Of The Universe - Zuzu the nurse
  • I nearly ruined XBubbler because I made a klutzy address change six months ago that cost about 90% of traffic.  If somebody else had done that to my darling math blog - fire.  If the world really needs my math blog, the visitors will come back. 
  • You know, sometimes I read business/productivity articles about the need to delegate and um, guess that's not what I've been doing.  I have instead a need to automate, to delegate to inanimate objects.  Thank you, engineering school.  Thank you, blessed congenital laziness.  As for delegating to humans, well, I do have a need to inspire, motivate, and go home happy knowing that all these other people would do the right thing.  
That's me
making the internet a better place. 
You're welcome.  
My fridge smells.  There's an unopened pack of 'frozen' cauliflower in the freezer but who knows why there hasn't been electricity for the fridge for a day or longer.  None of my business anyway, it'll come back.  The inverter is doing its merry thing so I can still play music and live normal and there's water.  Some people say when they hear of my beautiful life: it's like you don't live in Nigeria.  Nna, no be me, na God. 

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Listening Party: Hear Ye!

Nao Yoshioka - Make The Change

GOAT - It's Time For Fun

Tinariwen - Imidiwan ahi sigdim

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Saturday, August 22, 2015


I decided to add instagram to the long list of stuff I use on the internet.  Had to borrow my sister's cracked-screen phone to do it because, get this - while you can ogle nice photos on laptop/web instagram, you can't get an account that way.
So I have an account.  Today I decided to add a fabulous photo.  Asked google how, since instagram wouldn't let me - my 'membership' means I can comment and like (heart), that's it.  Found out about BlueStacks App Player in a comments section of a how-to article.  The program works by creating a false phone environment on your regular computer so that you can run phone apps, including Instagram.

In the middle of installing that, I found another option in the same comments section - Deskgram.
It's the more intuitive answer - I just want to bloody post a picture and don't really need all the firepower offered by the general app player.  I don't want the ability to also use the app stores to get any app in the world or whatever.
Deskgram also appeals to my need to not 'learn' Android.  I mean, I just want to post a bloody picture.

I never learned to navigate an Apple Mac, or iPhone iPod iPad.  I never learned the jumpy-screen Windows-after-Windows7 experiments.  I think it was called Vista or something?  Windows, then Vista.  View through the window.  Seriously. 
Thankfully Windows 10 is bringing the 'Start button' back.  Like seriously, you need to figure out how I'm using the computer and match that, or wait till I get round to testing your new UI idea pro bono.
It costs quite a bit of mindspace to learn a new interface like this phone thing with its scrolling swiping, autocorrect, and all that jazz.  Even if the new interface is pretty.  Very pretty.  It's worth downloading BlueStacks just to see this prettiness: for example, instead of the status bar while you wait for your download (2.2% completed etc) you get a slideshow of gorgeous screenshots of the games (Angry Birds and such) you'll soon have access to.  Time flies while you're having such fun.

But now I'm going to uninstall bluestacks.  The application required my google password.  Which makes me feel insecure.  That's like, really private information.  Like, would you 69 on a blind date?  Deskgram only needs my instagram password.  That's a handshake - I'd share that with anybody.
Now let me go and add this picture, abeg. - @tosinbird
There are lots of other things to gripe about, but I'd better pace myself :)  :D
Like, think: 
How did phones become flat - whose idea was that?  So we evolved from 3D serpentine to rectangular blocks?  I find myself wishing for product design to take over that space.

And how many phone-makers put the typewriter-keyboard on the screen. Ouh-kay, I guess that works for some people.  I like the classic/physical keypad a la Blackberry, so I can work. 

I do love the fact that they now have colours.  Loved that from the minute I saw it, Nokia-now-Microsoft.

Oh, and how useless are the banks in this country?  Reliably useless.  I constantly forget that.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

everybody's screaming Compton

...Stick a flag in my city - everybody screaming Compton - I should pro'bly run for mayor when I'm done, to be honest...
- Kendrick Lamar (King Kunta)

Veteran musician Dr. Dre has just released a music album and movie about that scary 'hood.
Compton, where Yetunde, big sister of Venus and Serena Williams was killed in a mindless drive-by shooting.
I remember when my little sisters wanted to go out to Compton for a New Year's party.  Or was it Carson?  They'll remember it as Fun December 2004.  Anyway, no, anywhere but there, sweeties.  Y'all 'bout to give me a heart attack :) so I shepherded them to a party in the whiter, bourgie-r, safer hillside town of Altadena.

Maybe I'll see the Straight Outta Compton film at some point, and try out the music too, but meanwhile here's the effect these hip-hoppers have had on media interest in "Compton"
Google Trends: Compton (in blue) is ten times more popular than, basically, ever
For comparison, at the top (yellow) is Africa and in red is Nigeria, both of which spike in popularity for football and only for football - L and M coincide with the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa, while G marks the 2014 World Cup where Nigeria almost made the quarterfinals.
Right now, Compton (population ~100,000) is a bigger deal than Lagos (population > 20 million) and even Nigeria, and all because of a movie.,_California
Wikipedia: Compton is youthful 'working-class' and black, but has produced great musicians

There's a lesson here: it's so easy to build a city.  Keywords: Lekki.  Ikeja.  Oregun.  dot-biz.  Chambers of Commerce.  I'm just saying, let's BE the local government we want to see. 

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dance Party: Timbuctu Nights

Black Beat Noir Negro Alf Laila Leggo!

Tonight by Bigiano

Ewele by ShowDemCamp (SDC)

Crazy by Seyi Shay (ft Wizkid)

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